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The truth be told that many people start catering because they see an opportunity to make some serious money. And then there is the few who do it because they love, sleep, share and eat food with friends and family and that is what it is for Jason Lopez Howe, Founder and Head Chef of Mad Chefs Of Roe.  In his own words “I like to see the smile on peoples faces when they eat anything I make. It is that satisfaction why I cook so much and never stopped”. Jason has been cooking for over 25 years and started at a very young age, being tutored by his mother and Grandmother from the tender age of 6. “Cooking within my family is must on my mother’s side and father’s side and you are taught from the youngest age” states Jason, when reaching in his teens he contributes much more of his learning to Chef Shirley who taught Jason baking skills and the way meat should be treated. Chef Shirley saw the talent within Jason and sent him to college at the age of 15 to study catering.

In his twenties Jason as trained under the likes of celebrity chefs Levi Roots and Jamie Oliver.

Jason being in his thirties is a well established Pitt-Master and specialist in Jerk food preparation. Mad Chefs of Roe is his Brainchild that was started with all that training so long ago. This idea has been more than twenty years in the making.

Welcome to the Mad Chefs of Roe – Jerk Asylum.





























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